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The ABC's of Teaching Permaculture to Children

Our 8 week, live online course for educators, parents and environmental advocates


The Course

Hosted by Ange Chakana & Caitlin Moore

The ABCs of Teaching Permaculture to Children program is dedicated to creating a space to collaboratively explore ways to engage children in the practices and principles of permaculture.


This is a comprehensive, welcoming and practical online course, aimed at guiding you through the process of enriching your already existing curriculum, creating your own permaculture children’s program or bringing permaculture practices and principles into your home. 

Over the eight weeks together, we will present and co-create child-friendly and age-appropriate methods and techniques to creatively engage children in the fascinating world of permaculture.


The Cohort

Designed specifically for environmentally-conscious educators and parents. 

This course is for those passionate about connecting children to permaculture and nature! It is for those interested in supporting the current and future generations of children to connect to nature and their surroundings by becoming environmental stewards. 

Whether you are: 

  • a homeschool parent or a public school teacher. 

  • a seasoned permaculture designer or a beginner. 

  • have experience working with children or none at all.

This is a space to play, share and collaborate - we will all learn and inspire one another.


Completion of a Permaculture Design Course is NOT a requirement to participate in this course.

Every permaculture practice or principle will be introduced by the facilitators and they will share their ways of connecting children to the subject.


Unique Elements of this Course

We created this course because nothing else like it exists...

  • Eight weeks worth of live Zoom sessions 

  • Sessions taught and facilitated by experienced and passionate permaculture teachers 

  •  Full access to recordings, course materials and our private Facebook community 

  • Practical tools and methods on how to teach permaculture to children

  • Cross-pollinate with a global cohort of like-minded participants and their best practices 

  • Co-create teaching methods, tools and materials as well as songs, poetry, games and more 

  • Lifetime access to materials and resources


What is Permaculture?

Permaculture helps us understand and connect with the patterns, beauty and resilience of nature's intelligence. It offers practical and creative ways to integrate this intelligence into reciprocal and regenerative relationships between ourselves and our surroundings. 

Our intention of connecting children with permaculture is to offer them a closer look at why things work the way they do, and why things work better when they work together. Children are naturally curious and we love answering their questions through a permaculture lens. A lens that is wide with wonder, possibility and hope. 

How does a five year old grasp the importance of composting? What 7 year old wouldn't want to learn that houses can actually be made of mud? How would a 6 year old grow up if she were exposed to the interconnectedness of all beings?  What would happen if a 12 year old understood element design and that things work better when they work together?  How do we explain the 8th permaculture principle to an 8 year old?

Two cohorts across two time zones.

One immersive online course and a global cohort of like-minded, engaged participants. Which Guild will you join?

Europe Guild
Oct 5 - Nov 23
Thursday Evenings
7:30 - 9:30pm Eu

Australia Guild
Oct 3 - Nov 21
Tuesday Evenings
7:30 - 9:30pm AEST


"When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength."
-Maria Montessori


Course Topics & Teachings

Here are some of the many disciplines we will teach. Order is not chronological. 

Welcome & Introduction

What Is Permaculture

Patterns & Biomimicry

Storytelling & Culture

Ethics, Principles & Zones

Garden Design

System Design & Interconnectedness

Guilds & Food Forests

Compost & Soil Health

Natural Building

Rhythm & Program

Forest Education &
Teaching Tools

Energy Exchange

We have a number of different pricing options to make this course as accessible as possible. If you are an organisation or school wanting a custom offer, please reach out.


Regular price:  275EUR
(for example: full-time employees, educators) 
Reduced price:  200EUR
(for example: home school parents)
School / organisation: customisable programs available, contact us 

Scholarship:  150EUR with “skill trade”

“Bring a friend” offer:  10% of regular-price off for both of you

Full ride:  For every 10 regular-price enrolments, we gift one full-ride scholarship. Contact us to apply. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 19.52.02.png

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Permaculture with Children series with Ange. She thoughtfully shared her knowledge and experience in engaging ways creating a rich meaningful learning environment. Her caring personality allowed me to feel confident among the group, thus deepening my ability to extend my own knowledge on this topic. Thank you."

Emma Prince, Australia


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join at a later point?

Yes you can. All previous recordings will be sent to you. But we encourage you to join at the starting date for the full experience, but of course we understand if the timing isn't quite right. Just let us know when registering.

Can I miss a session?

Yes, we understand life gets in the way. Of course, we'd prefer for you to join in live but if you do miss one, recordings will be sent to you. If possible, let us know in advance.

Wait. What is this? How does it work? Explain it again as if I were five.

Two permaculture teachers will teach you things about permaculture. Then they’ll teach you how to teach it to children. Then together with the others taking part, we’ll come up with more ideas  on how to teach it and other educators can add their own expertise (for example a biology teacher or a history professor) and how they inspire their students.

Is there homework or a final assignment?

We're not really into the term "homework" and certainly aren't going to put pressure or deadlines on you - but there will be tasks to do after a session as preparation for the next session, to do when you feel inspired to. We do have a small assignment suggestion for you to practice teaching during a live session for a maximum of ten minutes. If this makes you feel like you're in school again and creates a sense of panic in you - please let us know. We'll find a way through it together - we want to create a safe (/brave) and conducive learning space for everyone.

Will I receive a certificate?

We can offer a "certificate of participation" for all those interested but can't promise it will necessarily count as school credits or similar.

Can I receive a refund?

Yes, within 14 days. Any sessions attended will be deducted from the amount sent. Online transfer fees are to be covered by recipient.

Don't see your question?

Email us at or fill out the form below. (The registration form doesn't bind you to the course.)

Contact Us

Thanks for reaching out. Whether you're signing up for our ABC online course or interested in learning more about our children's camps, you're in the right spot. Please fill out the form and we'll get back to you. 

Thanks for submitting!

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