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Our Vision

Creating a New Kind of Learning Field
Embracing Eco-Literacy as a Critical Skill 

Storytelling as Change Making

Earth Keepers is rooted in a deep desire to restore and cultivate meaningful relationships between children and the natural world. 

Through child-led and child-centric activities, we guide children through the principles and practices of permaculture and the essential understanding that nature sustains all life. We are dedicated to offering learning experiences of collaboration, community and responsibility, in tender consideration for the generations to come. 

We hold three intentions at the core of our vision. We believe it to be of fundamental importance to engage the whole child (heart, head and hands) in an experience that is both grounding and uplifting. We provide a learning field with many different possibilities and pedagogies, we hold nature to be our greatest guide and we tell stories to evoke wonder and awe for the natural world that surrounds us.


1. Creating a New Kind of Learning Field

We believe that the best education is a holistic one. One where many different learning styles, practices and possibilities are offered to the child. Our intention is to create a multi-disciplinary learning field for children that is as rich and as vibrant as the world they live in.

"What we love, we protect."
- Zoe Weil


2. Embracing Eco-Literacy As A Critical Skill

The average child can name a hundred brands, but struggles to name 10 different trees. We hold nature to be our greatest teacher and seek to share the joy in learning not just about her, but from her. We want to give children the tools to shape the world and future in a way that is beneficial to all beings.

We seek to support children to step into relationship with that which sustains them, to name and understand the natural processes that surround them and ultimately, to feel empowered and capable of becoming environmental stewards.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."
- Chief Seattle


3. Storytelling as Change Making

A story is an invitation to look at the world from a different perspective, to see what fits and works for you. Stories allow you to engage with ideas you never knew existed. Stories are a call to action and agency; they shape one’s values and they inspire change. We know that the best stories are those that entice learning. 

We also know that it is high time for a new story - one of collaboration, community and celebration. Together, we hope to create a story that re-connects humans and nature in a way that is beneficial and healing to both. 

"The world will be different only if we live differently." 
Humberto Maturana

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